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What fouls the window glass?

You want to have your window clean as the chimneys are bought because you want to see the fire. Dirty window takes off most of pleasure, discourage people from lighting fire and converts the chimney to obstacle in the living room. This is a setback shared by good part of the systems offered in the market.

What makes the glass dirty? One of the reasons is quality of fuel: damp wood and softwood. This however depends on the user. What does not depend on him, is the burner construction facilitating considerable CO emission. Therefore it is good to check the CO output before purchase. The standards request the manufacturer to disclose the CO emissions reported in testing. You should seek for system featuring CO emission below 0,15%. But many inserts now in the market output as much as 0,3 or even 0,4 % of CO. So check it unless you want to have obscured view after 10 minutes of burning



Pellet boilers at the fair in Greece

In Thessaloniki we showed modern pellet boilers - SmartFire.

Pellet boilers at the fair in Germany

In Hofheim Wallau we showed the latest pellet boilers - SmartFire.
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