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Interfire 11 - Condensing pellet boiler made of stainless steel

Interfire 11 - Condensing pellet boiler made of stainless steel


Technique of using condensation in heating uses not only the heat that arises during combustion as a measurable temperature of exhaust gases, but also steam content in fuel gases. InterFire condensing pellet boilers are able to use almost all heat contained in the exhaust gases and transform them for heating.

Condensing efficiency

Condensing efficiency

Low exhaust temperature, perfect combustion, lambda probe and condensation cause that boiler reaches condensing efficiency 104,4%

Wide range of boiler temperature

Wide range of boiler temperature (20-85 deg C)

Heat exchanger made of stainless steel projected in HCC system (Heat-Cold Cassette) allows the boiler to work on low temperatures, even from 20 deg C.

Easy installation

Easy installation

Boiler InterFire does not require protection from cold water coming back from installation which makes the installation easier and cheaper.

Mechaniczne czyszczenie palnika

Mechanical burner cleaning

The burner is systematically subjected to automatic cleaning which guarantees optimum conditions for fuel combustion and releases the User from this obligation.

Kompaktowa konstrukcja

Compact construction

Small size makes that the boiler will fit in most boiler rooms.

Dotykowy panel

Touch panel

Advanced regulation with touch panel, weather regulation, weekly schedule, intuitive, simple and clear. Helps to customize boilers work to individual needs

Stal nierdzewna

Stainless steel

The top-class materials used in the burner guarantee long-lasting exploitation and combined with its special structure, they provide optimum conditions for biomass combustion in the form of pellets.

Automatyczne czyszczenie

Automatic cleaning

Stainless-steel springs placed in combustion tubes clean the exchanger, ensuring its high effectiveness. Moreover, they put the fumes into whirls which increases the level of heat exchange.

Śluza zabezpieczająca

Rotary valve

The best protection against fire in the pellet tank.


Energy efficiency

Zaawansowany sterownik

Advanced driver

Advanced regulation with touch panel, weather regulation, weekly schedule, intuitive, simple and clear. Helps to customize boilers work to individual needs.



Boiler is on German BAFA list thanks to low emission and high efficiency.

5 klasa

5 class

All our boilers are tested by an independent institute with EU notification, thanks to which the results are reliable and recognized all over the world.

Sonda lambda

Sonda Lamba

Advanced algorithm controls the boiler according to present conditions which provides the best efficiency constantly. It guarantees considerable savings, cleaner heat exchanger and simple regulation.


Internet (option)

Regulation through internal network or external server www.econet24.com, WiFi wireless, view of present boiler parametres and hydraulic scheme, possibility of view and changing of most settings (user and service), recording of most important parametres and alarms, e-mail alarm information.



The Ekoprojekt 2020 Directive defines restrictive requirements for seasonal emissions and efficiency which is reflected in the real use of the boiler throughout the heating season.


Automatic ash removal (option)

Automatic dehumidification system removes the ash from the boiler to the container, where it is compressed. Thanks to that, the user removes the ash once every few months.

Regulacja pogodowa
Regulacja pogodowa

Weather regulation

Advanced regulator controls the operation of the boiler and the entire boiler room system including pumps, valves, actuators, buffers and the boiler. This way all the devices are integrated in a coherent system where optimal operation conditions are set and adjusted on line.



Pneumatic pellet transport system fills the fuel tank itself with pellets from a fuel storage.

Power: 12 kW
materiał: Stainless steel fuel: pellets
feeder: Feeding screw, rotary valve condensing efficiency: 104,4 %
burner: Throw-in burner, automatic igniter, automatic cleaning heating exchanger: HCC (Heat-Cold Cassette), stainless steel
regulator: Power modulation, weather regulation, 2 heating circuits (+2 circuits in option), 1 sanitary water circuit, Lambda probe pellet tank capacity: 150 / 240 / 400 l
heating exchanger cleaning: Automatic pellet transport:: Pneumatic pellet transport system VACUM in option


Boiler Interfire 11 Boiler Interfire 11 Boiler Interfire 11 Boiler Interfire 11 Boiler Interfire 11 Boiler Interfire 11
in construction

Thermal parameters - technical

Model   IF11
Rated Power: kW 12,0
Range of thermal power: kW 3,6 ÷ 12,0
Granulat pellet Q=18 MJ/kg
% 104,4


Model   IF11 / 150L IF11 / 240L IF11 / 400L
Height: mm 1480 1480 1480
Width: mm 1040 1250 1480
Depth: mm 885 885 885


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