Heat pump HT 10 Heat pump HT 10

Air-water high temperature HT 10 heat pump and R290 natural refrigerant of 20kW max heating power.


11,5 kW - 22,2 kW

Natural refrigerant:


Heat pump HT 10


Heat pump HT 10

Air-water high temperature HT 10 heat pump and R290 natural refrigerant of 20kW max heating power.

  • Water heating up to 62ºC
  • Absorbs heat from the outside air
  • High efficiency
  • Natural refrigerator – R 290
  • Operation at temp. down to -20ºC
  • High COP up to 4.78
  • Big evaporator
  • High heating output
  • Prevents use of other heat sources.

Choose the heat pump known for long service life and reliability. Thanks to many innovative solutions HT10 pump offers extraordinary performance and efficiency. This pump heats water up to 62ºC and is a good solution for new and upgraded buildings. A wide choice of modern materials allows to satisfy user’s individual needs and requirements.

We are proud to offer the latest product which sets new standards for heat pumps with regard to comfort, performance, ecology and design.


Heat pump HT 10


High quality is a core area of HKS LAZAR strategy: from the design, manufacture until maintenance service.

  • All components are delivered by reputable suppliers:: Ziehl-Abegg fans, Plum control system, Copeland compressor.
  • Strict quality control at any phase of manufacture.
  • Service centres all over Poland.


One of the main priorities for HKS LAZAR is above all it’s client satisfaction.

  • Automatic operation.
  • Extraordinary noise reduction..
  • Compatible with Internet.
  • Colour control touch panel.
  • Cascade heat pumps operation possible.
  • Two heating circuits, and extension possible.
  • Compatible with wireless thermostat.
  • Hot water circulation.


  • Very high COP up to 4.78.
  • No registration or gas-emission fees.
  • Wide operation range – prevents use of other heat sources.
  • Professional license not required for installation.
  • Programmable weekly operation.
  • Temperature control.


  • Some design options available.
  • A wide range of finish available: exotic wood, composite wood, polycarbonate, architectural concrete.
  • Different design options available upon request.


  • Carbon-free heating.
  • Renewable heat source.
  • Ozone-friendly R290 gas (ODP=0) that features with low global warming impact (GWP =3).


Heat pump HT 10





Technical Specification

Heat pump HT 10

Types heat pumps HT 10

HT10/12 HT10/14 HT10/16 HT10/20
Power / COP A7 / W35 11,5 kW / 4,78 14,1 kW 17,7 kW 22,2 kW
Power / COP A7 / W65 10,1 kW / 2,75 12,8 kW 15 kW 18,8 kW
Power / COP A2 / W35 9,1 kW / 4,0 13,2 kW 15,3 kW 19,2 kW
Power / COP A-7 / W35 7,1 kW / 3,0 9,7 kW 11,3 kW 14,2 kW
Power / COP A-15 / W35 6,1 kW / 2,64 7,5 kW 8,7 kW 11 kW
Power / COP A-15 / W55 5,7 kW / 1,76 7 kW 8,3 kW 10,2 kW
Temperature range: -20ºC ÷ 35ºC -20ºC ÷ 35ºC -20ºC ÷ 35ºC -20ºC ÷ 35ºC
Dimensions: 810 x 1380 x 810mm 810 x 1380 x 810mm 810 x 1380 x 810mm 810 x 1380 x 810mm
Weight: 180kg 180kg 185kg 190kg
Hydraulic connection: G1 G1 G1 G1

Files to download

Heat pump HT 10


Heat pump HT 10

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