Central heating pellet fired boiler with or without lambda probe?


There are many different views regarding use of lambda probe in central heating stove. However to find out if this investment makes sense, let us examine its operating principle as well as all advantages and disadvantages.

What is operating principle of lambda probe?

Lambda probe is a galvanic cell that was developed at the end of 60 of XX centaury. It features with ceramic material, namely zirconia di oxide covered with thin layers of platinum. Probe is installed in special position on exhaust system so that one side contacts the hot flue, and the other contact the ambient air. In case of significant difference of oxygen concentration on both sides, the potential up to 1V will be generated. This voltage will be supplied to the controller programming appropriate blower and feeder settings to ensure supply to the furnace of oxygen and fuel at proper ratio to guarantee optimal combustion.

Advantages obtained by lambda probe.

Carbon monoxide emissions limits

It appears that the stricter laws (anti-smog law) will be established soon regarding environmental protection. Lambda probe relates to the solution that reduces to minimum quantity of harmful substances released to the atmosphere. An appropriate volume of oxygen ensures effective fuel combustion inside the boiler. It is very import ant in winter when bad weather contributes to smog. Note that this is actually a local phenomenon. Therefore fumes released from chimneys directly affect the quality of the air we inhale every day.

Fuel consumption reduction

Growing prices of raw materials used for heating purposes accelerated search for solutions that allow fuel consumption reduction with maintained quantity of obtained heat. Lambda probe enables fuel consumption reduction as much as 20%. Boiler operation is controlled based on oxygen content in flue, and boiler parameters set-up enables to obtain optimal combustion of fuel used for heating purposes. It is obvious that such approach brings savings amounted thousands of PLN on a yearly basis.

Longer life service of boiler components

Higher combustion efficiency reduces quantity of carbon black deposits and tar. It also significantly reduces negative impact of flue gas on the stove or boiler, what results in longer service life of components and reduces degree of wear.

Most persons who claimed that lambda probe is not necessary, relate to its price as the main disadvantage. Operation of the boiler without probe is possible and in such cases the boiler is controlled by the user according to possessed experience and simple algorithms that enable to obtain satisfactory annual performance. However comparative analysis of that performance with performance obtained with lambda probe, indicates that the probe ensures the highest boiler performance, and consequently higher efficiency. If we take into account environmental pollution and longer boiler service life the answer will be very easy to the question: Pellet fired boiler with or without lambda probe?

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