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Recuperator AR 10/30


Thanks to its compact design and small dimensions, it will perfectly fit into the undeveloped, narrow spaces of the attic. The innovative air flow control system allows you to increase the efficiency of the system by up to 30%.

Ventilation systems used in homes have a huge impact on the thermal comfort in a home and on how much one has to spend to heat a building. In order to make living in the house really nice and heating costs as low as possible, you need to equip the ventilation systems with the recuperator we offer.

A recuperator is a device powered by electricity, the main task of which is the balanced supply of fresh air inside the house and the exhaust of the already used air outside. It is also equipped with a heat exchanger. It is thanks to him that the heat is recovered from the exhaust air and transferred to the fresh air. This solution means that home heating costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent annually. And the system works regardless of the weather, because the recuperator we offer is equipped with an anti-freeze system that allows adequate ventilation even when there is very heavy frost outside the window.

In addition, the ventilation equipped with our recuperator supplies the house with very clean air. It is equipped with two-stage M5 class filters that allow to obtain air of 40 percent better quality than when using standard G3 and G4 class cartridges.

The recuperator in our offer has a compact design, characterized by small dimensions, therefore it is ideally suited for installation in a narrow attic. It is also very quiet and has an easy-to-use control module.

To make heating your home more convenient and cost-effective, you should also be interested in the benefits of our heat pumps i pellet stoves .

Modern heating devices HKS Lazar

Modern heating devices


Natural refrigerant R290 propane

Air source heat pumps are a solution that is increasingly used in various types of buildings. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the optimization of heating costs.

Pellet fired stove offers comfort also

Pellets relates to a fuel that is still underestimated. The reason may be the fact that many persons are not familiar with use of pellet fired boiler for heating purposes. It may seem that use of biomass, namely sawdust or straw as a fuel in central heating boiler causes a lot of hassle and is labour-intensive. Nothing more misleading!



Is room temperature sensor included in Eco max 800 t controller set?

Room temperature sensor is available upon separate order.

Is 190oC temperature of flue gas in Lazar branded pellet fired boiler allowed?

This temperature is possible, if the heat exchanger gets dirty and boiler has been in operation for few hours at total output (at low outdoor temperature). In this case clean the boiler and check...



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