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HKS Lazar Sp. z o.o.

ul. Wodzisławska 15 B, 44-335 Jastrzębie Zdrój, woj. Śląskie

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Bank Spółdzielczy w Pawłowicach
nr 45 8447 0005 0009 1431 2000 0001

District Court in Gliwice X Economic Division
KRS: 0000362143

Sales Department HKS Lazar

Wacław Olszok

ext. 1

tel. kom. 515 243 190

śląskie, świętokrzyskie, małopolskie, podkarpackie

Dariusz Kwiatkowski

ext. 1

tel. kom. 500 122 638

opolskie, dolnośląskie, łódzkie

Mariusz Hirsz

ext. 1

tel. kom. 517 423 163

zachodnio-pomorskie, pomorskie, lubuskie, wielkopolskie, kujawsko-pomorskie, warmińsko-mazurskie, podlaskie

Tomasz Gajewski

ext. 1

tel. kom. 531 392 993

lubelskie, mazowieckie

Radosław Pawełczak

ext. 1

tel. kom. 536 827 037

Spare Parts Department


Renata Lazar

ext. 111

Magdalena Kowalska

ext. 101



ext. 109

tel. kom. 516 073 678

Logistics /Warehouse

Łukasz Stuchlik

ext. 110


ext. 110


Marcin Lazar

Janusz Lazar

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Modern heating devices HKS Lazar

Modern heating devices


Pellet ON – Do you want to switch onto PELLETS?

Are you looking for comfortable and efficient solution? What is important? What you need to know?

You can reduce smog also – by using pellet fired boiler

Coal heating in houses is largely to blame for smog in Poland, that is mainly dark fumes rising from chimneys. It is so-called “low” emission from uneconomical household furnaces, stoves and boilers. According to statistics it is the households that generate more than 50% of emissions of particulate matter and almost 90% of carcinogenic benzo(a)pyrene.



Is 190oC temperature of flue gas in Lazar branded pellet fired boiler allowed?

This temperature is possible, if the heat exchanger gets dirty and boiler has been in operation for few hours at total output (at low outdoor temperature). In this case clean the boiler and check...

How to check anti-freeze fluid level in Smart Fire 11 boiler with central heating function only (without hot domestic water supply). The boiler was not used this winter?

Any fluid loss will be demonstrated with pressure loss indicated by manometer. In case of open circuit, you can also check the level of compression vessel.



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Oblicz jakiej mocy pompę ciepła potrzebujesz. Oblicz i otrzymaj darmową wycenę
Oblicz jakiej mocy kotła na pelet potrzebujesz. Oblicz i otrzymaj darmową wycenę

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