GDPR Information Clause

Lazar Sp. z o.o. hereby informs that:

  1. The personal data administrator is HKS Lazar Sp. z o.o. with seat in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, at ul.Wodzisławska 15B, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator; The Administrator performs processing operations on personal data including:
    • name, surname,
    • place of residence,
    • phone, Fax, Email,
    • device incorporation place address.
  2. Your personal data is processed for performance of obligations under HKS Lazar Sp. z o.o. guarantee and warrantee against defects and can be made accessible to some recipients, namely accounting office, legal office, HKS Lazar sp. z o.o authorized service, an expert in heating technology and related devices– on basis of personal data processing agreement.
  3. Personal data processing will follow on basis of your consent regarding personal data processing and provision of personal data required for conclusion and performance of agreement.
  4. Providing the personal data is voluntary, but necessary to enter into the agreement and performance of obligations arising from the guarantee or warranty for defects, complaint processing, keeping service records by the manufacturer, namely HKS Lazar Sp. z o.o. Absence of personal data prevents conclusion of the agreement regarding guarantee and performance by the manufacturer of obligations arising from the guarantee. Providing the personal data is voluntary for marketing purposes.
  5. You have the right to:
    • to access your personal data any time and the right to correct any inaccurate or incomplete information, or to remove or limit processing of data,
    • to object to the processing of such personal data,
    • data transfer,
    • to complain to a national data protection supervisory authority,
    • revoke your consent for personal data processing.
  6. Your personal data does not subject to automated decision-making and profiling.
  7. Your personal data will be processed by the Administrator for 5 years since expiry of the guarantee and claims under guarantee or warranty for defects.

HKS LAZAR sp. z o.o.

Modern heating devices HKS Lazar

Modern heating devices


2020-02-06 HKS Lazar Hot air water Heat Pump on the prestigious BAFA list

We are proud to announce that our Heat Pumps are on the prestigious BAFA list.

2018-10-18 II International Forum – Energy and Environment

Welcome to our booth at II International Forum Energy and Environment. Our booth will be located within premises of Wielka Krokiew (Zakopane) on 3-6 June.

2018-05-03 Exhibition - Pellet Fired Boilers 19-20 May

We invite to the boiler exhibition held in our premises on 19-20 May in Jastrzębie-Zdrój at Wodzisławska 15B.

2018-05-01 XXIII Podhalańskie Construction Fair

Welcome to our booth at XXIII Podhalańskie Construction Fair held on 12-13. May in Nowy Targ.



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