Automatic pellet fired stove


Comfort thanks to automatic pellet fired boiler.

Pellet fired boilers make for perfect alternative to coal heating that is polluting the environment, and also guarantee higher comfort of use. Moreover they feature with easy, comfortable and automatic operation that is also maintenance-free.


Pellet fired boiler is fitted with fuel dispenser and specially designed feeder that supplies pellets into combustion chamber. Therefore manual works are eliminated and fuel is supplied automatically. Volume of dispenser depends on heated area. The dispenser of proper volume will ensure boiler continual operation for as long as 7 days. Then dispenser loading will be necessary, by emptying bags and inserting pellets. This process may also be performed in automatic manner. The system is available that ensures automatic fuel supply into the dispenser, if fuel quantity will be below the programmed level. The additional system includes the big size tank filled with pellets that is supplied pneumatically or with screw feeder into the feeder installed near the boiler. That system ensures boiler automatic operation for many days.


Fuel is supplied from the dispenser into combustion chamber, where firing up follows with the lighter. The lighter similarly as the heat Exchange is cleaned automatically before firing up and after shut down. The whole process follows automatically without any intervention to ensure total comfort for user. Additionally it guarantees more effective and ecological combustion.


Air circulation inside the boiler is provided by the exhaust fan that generates underpressure inside the heat exchanger and prevents smoke release outside the boiler. Operation is controlled with the controller using inter alia data send by lambda probe monitoring combustion efficiency on basis of oxygen content in flue gases discharged into the chimney. Heat generated inside the boiler is used for heating in heat exchanger water that later on is circulated with the piping system of the building.


Cleaning of boiler and removal of pellet remains follows also in automatic manner. Firstly ash is removed to the tank where it is compressed. Note that combustion of ton of pellet generates as little as a few kilograms of ash that is removed to special box. It is a perfect solution, as the closed box enables to keep the boiler room clean and use if also for drying. Actually cleaning of boiler shall be performed after a few months and you can do it when wearing a white shirt. The big advantage of pellet fired boilers is automatic control of supplied fuel depending of outdoor temperature and control of heating circuits. Consequently pellet fired boiler eliminates every day work in boiler room, and the user may monitor temperature, fuel level, mode etc. using the remote control installed at convenient location.

Manufacturers provided with pellet fired boilers with equipment that saves time and work. If you choose an automatic boiler, you will need to empty the tank only and remove the compressed ash twice during heating season.

Modern heating devices HKS Lazar

Modern heating devices


Pellet fired stove offers comfort also

Pellets relates to a fuel that is still underestimated. The reason may be the fact that many persons are not familiar with use of pellet fired boiler for heating purposes. It may seem that use of biomass, namely sawdust or straw as a fuel in central heating boiler causes a lot of hassle and is labour-intensive. Nothing more misleading!

Pellet – cost-effective heating

Is cost-effective heating possible? Pellets make for a good solution. Find out more!



Is 190oC temperature of flue gas in Lazar branded pellet fired boiler allowed?

This temperature is possible, if the heat exchanger gets dirty and boiler has been in operation for few hours at total output (at low outdoor temperature). In this case clean the boiler and check...

Is room temperature sensor included in Eco max 800 t controller set?

Room temperature sensor is available upon separate order.



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