Heat Pump on R290 INVERTER HEAT PUMP HTi20

Air-to-water heat pump A+++, R290 propane, COP 5,02, SCOP 4,49, inwerter.


2,5 kW - 8 kW
4 kW - 12 kW


R290 - Propane

Savings thanks to the inverter Klasa A+++ High COP coefficient, Natural refrigerant propane R290 SCOP 4,49



Savings thanks to the inverter

Savings thanks to the inverter

Klasa A+++

Klasa A+++

High COP coefficient,

High COP coefficient,

Natural refrigerant propane R290

Natural refrigerant propane R290

SCOP 4,49

SCOP 4,49



Cooling as standard

Cooling as standard

Keep the Power System

Keep the Power System



HTi20 is a high-temperature inverter air - water heat pump with a natural cooling medium propane R290 with a maximum heating power up to 12 kW.

  • Modulated heating power.
  • Heating and cooling using ambient energy.
  • Water heating up to 60ºC.
  • Use of air for heating.
  • High efficiency.
  • Natural cooling medium - R 290 Propane.
  • Maximum ambient temperature -25ºC.
  • High COP coefficient, up to 5.02.
  • Increased capacity evaporator.
  • High heating power.
  • ed operation of an additional heat source.
  • Simple installation.

Our HTi20 inverter heat pump is an innovative device that sets the direction for the development of the heat pump market. Thanks to our proprietary solutions, the HTi20 pump running on R290 propane operates at ambient temperatures below -20ºC, maintaining nominal heating power even at -10ºC. HTi20 is a high-temperature pump which heats water up to 60ºC, and can therefore be successfully used in both new and modernized buildings. Its aesthetic design in two versions will suit different architectural styles.

We are proud to present to your our new HTi20 inverter heat pump that sets new standards for heat pumps in terms of comfort, efficiency, ecology and design.




With the inverter technology, power can be modulated to adjust it to the current demand, which contributes to lower energy consumption, simplified installation and high comfort of use.

  • Higher seasonal efficiency.
  • Simpler installation.
  • Comfort of use.

Nominal power
przy - 10ºC.
Operation below -20ºC

With the Keep the Power System (KP System), the HTi20 pump maintains its nominal power even at very low ambient temperatures. Thanks to this feature, the pump can serve as the primary heat source.

  • Primary heat source.
  • Lowered bivalent point.
  • Energy saving.


High quality is the main pillar of HKS LAZAR’s business philosophy in every phase of the product’s life cycle: from design, through production, to service coverage.

  • Best components.
  • Restrictive production control.
  • Factory service.


Care for full customer satisfaction is one of our priorities.

  • Power adapted to the demand.
  • Silent operation.
  • Maintenance-free heating.
  • Cooling as standard.
  • Online service.
  • Touch display panel.
  • Intuitive menu.
  • Room temperature sensor as standard.
  • Two heating circuits as standards.
  • Hot tap water circulation.


Thanks to its high efficiency, power modulation and simple installation, the HTi20 heat pump is the investment for every project and budget.

  • Power adapted to current demand.
  • Very high COP coefficient, up to 5.02.
  • No registration requirement and no gas emission fees (the heat pump runs on R290 propane).
  • Broad operating range (-25ºC to +35ºC) - limited demand for additional heat sources.
  • Installation without a cooling license.
  • Weekly schedules.
  • Weather control.
  • Simple installation.


  • Emission-free heating.
  • Renewable heat source.
  • R290 propane is characterized by zero destructive potential for the ozone layer (ODP=0) and a very low global warming effect (GWP=3).

We regularly attend major global conferences devoted to the development of natural refrigerant technologies.

Natural cooling medium
R290 (propane)

Since care for the natural environment is one of HKS LAZAR’s priorities, our heat pumps run on R290, a natural cooling medium (propane). This gas is neutral for the ozone layer and is characterized by negligible global warming effect GWP=3 (by comparison, the GWP of the most popular refrigerant, R410A, is 2088). This brings considerable relief to our environment.

However, our heat pumps running on R290 offer advantages to the user as well. Replenishing R290 is much cheaper, considering the rapidly growing prices of f-gases in connection with restrictions imposed on their production and use. First and foremost, our heat pumps will not be recalled, which can be the case for pumps running on f-gases (such as R410A).

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Smart control module

The SMART unit contains a controller offering many functions for the user, an electric installation, a supplementary electric heater, a central heating/hot tap water switch valve, and a circulation pump. It is connected with the external unit by means of a communication cable included with the device.

The controller consists of a basic unit, an Internet unit, two inner temperature and central heating circulation sensors, an outer temperature sensor installed in the external unit. With this arrangement, the user can control two circuits (including one directly): heating and hot tap water,
and can set schedules and perform weather adjustment.

PCHeat pump
HKSmart control module
OPUnderfloor heating
CWUHot tap water
ZCHot tap water tank
ZBBuffer tank
GPDirect pump skid
GPMMIX 3D pump skid

Smart Tower control module

The SmartTower external unit is a complete boiler room, all in a single housing, which creates more space in the actual boiler room and saves installation time.

The inner unit was extended to include a hygienic hot tap water tank which supplies legionella-free, pure water, a buffer tank improving the performance of the heat pump and providing energy for de-icing, a heating water filter with a magnetizer, tap water and central heating diaphragm vessels, tap water and central heating safety valves, heating water pressure gage. Furthermore, it includes all elements of the Smart module: a controller offering many functions for the user, an electric installation, a supplementary electric heater, a central heating/hot tap water switch valve, and a circulation pump. It is connected with the external unit by means of a communication cable included with the device.

Additionally, the SmartTower unit can be fitted with an extra heating circuit with a mixing valve.

PCHeat Pump
HK2SMART TOWER control module
OPUnderfloor heating
CWUHot tap water
ZCHot tap water tank

Technical Specification


Technical parameters of the HTi20 Heat Pump

HTi 20/8 HTi 20/12
Power for temperate climate 8 kW 12 kW
Power range A7/W35 2,5-8 kW 4-12 kW
Power range A-10/W35 2,5-8 kW 4-12 kW
Power / COP as per PN 14511 A7W35 4,36 / 4,84 4,031 / 5,02
SCOP temperate climate 35/55 4,82 / 3,51 4,49 / 3,31
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency
for the temperate climate, low/medium-
-temperature applications
A+++ / A++ A+++ / A++
External temperature range -25ºC ÷ 35ºC
Maximum supply temperature 60ºC
Cooling power / EER A35/W7 4,15 kW / 2,86 5,1 kW / 2,71
Refrigerant / quantity Propan R290 / 1,3 kg
Power supply 1x230V 3x400V lub 1x230V
Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 898 x 510 x 1480 mm
Hydraulic connection G 1
Performance for the temperate climate [ηs]
for the temperate climate, low/medium-
-temperature applications
189,9 % / 137,2 % 176,6 % / 129,4 %
Qhe temperate climate low /
medium-temperature applications
2640 kWh / 3349 kWh 3627 kWh / 3485 kWh
LWA 64 dB 64 dB
Smart control module Circulation pump with smooth capacity control, CH / DHW connecting valve, flow heater 2-6kW, control of two heating circuits, internet
Smart Tower control module DHW tank with a capacity of 200 L, Circulation pump with smooth efficiency control, CH / DHW connection valve, flow heater 2-6kW, control of two heating circuits, internet





R290 propane heat pumps - a solution worth betting on

Our R290 heat pumps performs excellently in all conditions, even from -25 to +35 ºC. When you buy an HTi20 heat pump on R290, you can count on the support of our best specialists at every stage of the order. We will advise you on the best, most effective and economical solution for you. Especially that you will find air-to-water heat pumps, which are perfect for both a company and a single-family home. All thanks to the use of an efficient construction, which was created based on many years of experience of our best designers.

Air-water propane heat pumps are even more efficient. High-class heat exchangers and a well-developed control program make up a perfect device that will serve you for many years. This is what a modern heat pump should be like.

Why Propane R290 in HKS Lazar heat pumps?

  • Emission-free heating.
  • Renewable heat source.
  • R290 propane gas with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0) and very low global warming potential (GWP = 3).

Modern air-water heat pumps - choose quality

We offer a wide range of heat pump configuration options, but they all have one thing in common - the highest possible quality. In our air source heat pump we combine the efficient operation of the device itself with a number of advantages. These undoubtedly include:

  • silent operation of the device,
  • economy and energy efficiency,
  • use of air for heating,
  • high maximum heating temperature,
  • high COP,
  • limiting the operation of the additional heat source.

It all adds up to an excellent choice, which is confirmed by hundreds of positive opinions and recommendations from our clients. In this way, we will choose heat pumps that will work best in your home, office, company or apartment. You can be sure that you will be satisfied with this choice. Especially that all our air-water heat pumps are made in accordance with ecological thinking. We pay a lot of attention to the protection of the environment. We cannot fail to mention one more - the HTi20 air-water heat pump is also an excellent price.

Modern heating devices HKS Lazar

Modern heating devices


Natural refrigerant R290 propane

Air source heat pumps are a solution that is increasingly used in various types of buildings. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the optimization of heating costs.

Class 5 and EkoDesign provides a new benchmark for central heating boilers

Unfortunately Poland has some of the worst air quality in Europe. The extent of the problem has been confirmed by World Health Organization Report based on data regarding the beginning of 2016. An astonishing 33 of Europe’s 50 most-polluted towns are in Poland and Polish town was ranked as the most polluted, what confirms how serious and huge is the problem.



How to check anti-freeze fluid level in Smart Fire 11 boiler with central heating function only (without hot domestic water supply). The boiler was not used this winter?

Any fluid loss will be demonstrated with pressure loss indicated by manometer. In case of open circuit, you can also check the level of compression vessel.

Is room temperature sensor included in Eco max 800 t controller set?

Room temperature sensor is available upon separate order.



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