Heat Pumps
One of the first European inverters
heat pump on propane R290
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heat pumps
boiler room
Enjoy comfort with Inverter Heat Pump together with Smart module or Smart Tower.
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heat pumps
Nominal power at -10°C
Working below -20°C
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heat pumps
Comfortable operation and control available from anywhere!
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heat pumps
Safe for the environment
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The cheapest to operate
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heat pumps
Modern inverter the heat pump on propane R290
heat pumps



Compact 11/15

Small size allows for boiler installation in any boiler room ensuring high efficiency!

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Our boilers meet currently applicable standards


SF11 / SF15 / SF22 / SF31 / SF41 / IF11

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Boilers for pellets and wood HKS Lazar Our Company delivers modern automatic heating devices.

Advantages of heat pumps

HKS Lazar

Thanks to smooth power modulation it is adapted to the current one demand, which it provides high efficiency seasonal!
Propane is perfect for use in refrigeration, successfully replacing the classic ones fluorinated agents. First of all, it has a very low GWP = 3 factor. What is it means? In the event of a leak, R290 has almost zero negative impact on the environment. Additionally, the user does not pay any emission fees.
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Heat pump air water HTi20 is characterized by a very high (5.02) COP coefficient, ie Coefficient of Performance. It is the coefficient of performance of heat pumps and expresses the ratio of the amount of heat supplied to the amount of electricity consumed by the pump.
Such a high coefficient makes heat

one of the highest efficiency on the market.

Pellet fired boilers- Advantages

HKS Lazar



condensation efficiency

Low fume temperature, optimal combustion parameters ensured by lambda probe and condensation provide for 104.4% efficiency of InterFire boiler.

Save pellet thanks to


Technique of condensation relates to use not only the heat that arises during combustion as a measurable temperature of exhaust gases, but also steam content in fuel gases. InterFire branded condensing boilers are able to use almost all heat contained in the exhaust gases and transform them for heating.

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Comfortable operation thanks to

Automatic ash removal!

Automatic ash removal system ensures ash collection inside the container where it is compressed. Therefore the user removes the ash once every few months.

Total safety thanks to

rotary valve!

Best protection against fire in the pellet dispenser

Best selling models

pellet burning boilers and heat pumps :

HKS Lazar branded pellet fired boilers and heat pumps are available in more than 400 outlets across Poland.

Heat Pump on R290 INVERTER HEAT PUMP HTi20

Air-to-water heat pump A+++, R290 propane, COP 5,02, SCOP 4,49, inwerter.


2,5 kW - 16kW