Pellet fired stove offers comfort also


Pellets relates to a fuel that is still underestimated. The reason may be the fact that many persons are not familiar with use of pellet fired boiler for heating purposes. It may seem that use of biomass, namely sawdust or straw as a fuel in central heating boiler causes a lot of hassle and is labour-intensive. Nothing more misleading!

How often fuel loading is required in case of pellet fired stove?

This question bothers every user that seeks comfort. In case of traditional fuel used for heating namely coal or wood, you need to visit your boiler room a few times a day, and sometimes during the night also. In case of pellet fired boiler, you are not bothered with its operation as long as a week. The boiler of this type is fitted with specially designed dispenser or hopper that supplies fuel automatically to the boiler. After loading the hopper, automatic operation of boiler follows for a few days, depending on hopper capacity. Additionally thanks to automatic firing up and shut down system, the user has got total control over boiler operation with the remote control.

How often cleaning and ash removal is required in case of pellet fired boiler?

Pellets combustion generates small quantity of ash. Depending on its type it is usually 3-10kg in case of 1 ton of pellets. Comparing to the coal or wood it significantly smaller quantity of waste. Moreover pellet fired boilers are fitted with automatic clearing system and the ash is collected in specially designed tank that features with easy removal and emptying what enables to maintain cleanness. Actually emptying is required once a month considering the quantity of ash generated during pellets combustion. Consequently use of pellet fuel for heating solves some problems related to ash storage, before disposal thereof by utilities company. Furthermore generated ash quantity is very small, and additionally it may be used as lawn or garden fertilizer.

Are pellets easily accessible? How about transport and storage thereof?

Pellet is widely accessible. You can get it at many places, but the best option is to order delivery directly to the house. Pellet is delivered in 15kg plastic bags. Consequently they are not too heavy, and do not results in any risk when carrying resulted from an increased load on out spine, contrary to 25kg Eco pea coal bags. Furthermore pellets feature with easy and clean transport, as well as storage. Moreover pellet due to its nature may be stored at any place, as it does not leave any marks/stains, neither release an unpleasant odour, why plastic bags ensure protection against penetration of moisture.

Do pellets leave marks/stains?

Pellet makes for the very ecological solid fuel, thanks to very limited emission of flue. It does not pollute the air what brings benefit for human health. Pellet is a clean fuel that does not leave marks during boiler manual operation. Many users who switched from coal fired boiler to pellet or Eco pea coal fired boiler were surprised to find out that operation thereof actually related to easy and clean work that you do in a white shirt. Contrary to coal or Eco pea coal, pellet does not emit any black dust, and its combustion generates small quantity of ash that is removed automatically what saves time and makes it possible to keep the boiler room clean. If you opt for pellet fired boiler, you can arrange drying spaces in the room where boiler operation follows with no risk that clothes get dirty or unpleasant odour.

So use of pellet fuel for heating purposes makes for ecological and very comfortable alternative. Actually pellet fired boiler operation follows automatically and does not requires special attention. The biggest benefit provided by use of pellet fuel relates to clean combustion process that saves time and work. In addition pellet features with fine smell related to natural milk spread at storage spaces contrary to Eco pea coal. In fact comfort provided by use of pellet fuel for heating May be compared to one provided by heating oil, as Eco pea coal is quite worse in this regard.

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