Internet in boiler room


Central heating boiler controlled with the Internet is not only showing off!

Today the boiler room is no longer a place, with piles of coal and wood to be loaded with a shovel into the stove every few hours by user wearing working clothing. A modern boiler room relates to a clean spaces, where advanced technology is employed including the Internet connection that will reduce number of visits significantly. Manufacturers of central heating boilers offer at present option of boiler operation control using the Internet. Although at first sight for some it may be showing off, yet there are many benefits provided by this solution.

Smart boiler room - what are the benefits?


Most families including parents and children leave the house early in the morning and come late in the evening. Is there anything more enjoyable than the cosy comfort or refreshing cool we are home again. Now with the controller and Internet connection, we can monitor boiler parameters and change them, if necessary. This solution proved to be very efficient during summer leave, winter holidays or Christmas.

Stove provided with the controller and Internet connection may be very useful for those who provide accommodation services for tourists, as sometimes during slack season it is necessary to switch off heating or change the settings. On the other hand when guests come, boiler set-up is necessary again. Thanks to controller and Internet connection, an every business may now benefit a lot from many functionalities regarding set-up of heating system parameters. Firstly you do not have to worry about piping damage caused by low temperatures in the winter, as you can switch on heating at any moment, if necessary. By the way is there anything more enjoyable than the cosy comfort in cold days. Thanks to this solution you will no more worry, if stove is in operation and ready for firing up.


Thanks to the controller and Internet connection you can monitor current boiler operation, and you will be provided with information on all parameters and temperature as well as dispenser fuel level.


Monitoring of boiler operation with the Internet enables a quick analysis regarding combustion process thanks to graphics displayed on computer screen or tablet, and taking necessary actions to ensure optimal performance. Consequently it will result in reduced fuel consumption and tangible savings.


Boiler operation preview with the Internet enables quick diagnostics and detection of problems by service engineers. This saves time and provides comfort, as in case of any failure or boiler break down, you do not have to change your schedule and take day off to make an appointment with service engineer and stay home. If any malfunction follows the service engineer will verify online records regarding temperature, alarms and will correct the settings, if necessary or update software, and he will visit the boiler room only where necessary.

As we said now you are provided with efficient remote tool that allows boiler management and provides records necessary to increase heating efficiency. With control and Internet connection you can quickly change settings to ensure cosy indoor atmosphere, supply of hot domestic water or prevent boiler shut down due to absence of fuel. This solution provides real comfort, as the user may change temperature settings using his tablet or phone, without leaving his flat.

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Automatic pellet fired stove

Comfort thanks to automatic pellet fired boiler.

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Is room temperature sensor included in Eco max 800 t controller set?

Room temperature sensor is available upon separate order.

How to check anti-freeze fluid level in Smart Fire 11 boiler with central heating function only (without hot domestic water supply). The boiler was not used this winter?

Any fluid loss will be demonstrated with pressure loss indicated by manometer. In case of open circuit, you can also check the level of compression vessel.



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