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Coal heating in houses is largely to blame for smog in Poland, that is mainly dark fumes rising from chimneys. It is so-called “low” emission from uneconomical household furnaces, stoves and boilers. According to statistics it is the households that generate more than 50% of emissions of particulate matter and almost 90% of carcinogenic benzo(a)pyrene.

Where smog comes from?

Smog is a kind of air pollution. It is the haze created when sunlight reacts with nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds that can be found in fossil fuel emissions. When smog hits the city, people are often offered free of charge urban communication to reduce car traffic, but it does not bring any satisfactory effects, as exhaust emissions from cars are not the main cause behind the smog. Actually it is coal heating in houses that is largely to blame for smog in Poland.

Unfortunately most households in Poland operate solid fuel central heating boilers. Majority of them relate to coal fired stoves boilers that do not meet any standards regarding flue gas emissions. Moreover people burn poor quality fuels like waste coal and slurry. Others who cannot afford such fuels simply burn rubbish. These practices causes results in release of toxic substances to the atmosphere, that are very harmful for humans. According to experts more than 3 millions of boilers that are in operation in Poland do not meet any standards regarding flue gas emissions. Unfortunately no standards are in force in Poland regarding emissions caused by heating equipment, neither regarding the quality of coal permitted for sale. Consequently people operate primitive coal fired boilers to burn poor quality coal.

High time to act and protect the air!

Because every now and then alerts are called regarding smog and air pollution, we have many concerns regarding its impact on our health and our families. In spite of snow and winter weather parents are not willing to get children for a walk due to smog. Carbon black deposits visible on snow, dirty elevations and ash deposits made us think about tedious cleaning of windows and terraces when spring comes, what testifies that smog is a big issue, even when we live outside the town. Note that by using the heating equipment whose operation results in release of harmful substances we are polluting our environment and the air that we inhale every day. Consequently all released chemical substances pollute our environment and area around the house what has negative impact on our health, our children, and neighbours.

The only way to reduce smog is to switch from coal fired boilers and furnaces onto ecologic boilers, including pellet fired boilers which feature with reduced flue gas emissions. If you are going to buy or replace central heating boiler GO FOR pellet fired boiler that is an ecological, energy-efficient and environment-friendly solution.

Analysis regarding harmful dusts emissions from different heating appliances:

Boiler type mg/m3
Manually operated wood fired boiler 800
Tiled stove 560
Coal fired boiler of poor performance 420
5 Class coal fired boiler 40
5 Class pellet fired boiler 20

Source: Polish Chamber of Ecology

Analysis regarding harmful substances emissions from solid fuels

  Qty Sulphur oxide SOx Nitrogen monoxide NOx Carbon monoxide CO Carbon dioxide CO2 Particulate matter Benzo(a)pyrene
Heating oil Ton 0,814 2,395 0,640 3200 0,41 0,01
0,02 0,80 11 1330 2,50 Brak
Wood Ton 0,110 1,05 20 1200 1,5 Brak
Eco-peal coal Ton 9,60 3,20 10 2130 10 0,003
Hard coal Ton 14 2,10 50 2000 10 0,015


Comparative analysis regarding harmful substance emissions to the atmosphere by different fuels indicates clearly that no fuel matches pellet. Note that pellet not only offers better parameters than hard coal, but its combustion results in slower release of sulphur oxide, nitrogen monoxide, carbon dioxide and benzo(α)pyrene comparing to heating oil. Also natural gas is no match for pellets regarding sulphur oxide, nitrogen monoxide, carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide released during pellets combustion is equal to carbon dioxide absorbed by trees during its growth, what proves a neutral impact.

If at least half our of 3 mln ”old coal boilers” being used in Poland was replaced with pellet fired boilers, we all would benefit much thanks to improved air quality. Nobody would have to be afraid of getting children for a walk, neither we would be exposed to unpleasant odour in the air, asthma, headache and many other. According to statistics smog is harmful and causes more than 40 thousands deaths a year.

If you are considering different space heating installations, GO FOR pellet fired boiler that is an ecological, energy-efficient and environment-friendly solution that ensures comfort also.

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