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It was contractor that erected my house who recommended Lazar branded pellet fired boiler and as for now (following 3 years) it has been working smoothly.

pan henryk


The boiler works fine, is noiseless and my wife likes it because of its unique design:)

pakos rob


Really top quality pellet fired boiler.

ariadna rogowska


The boiler works fine.

Wojciech Piotrowski


Lazar branded pellet fired condensing boiler is the best choice. Lazar provides professional service and installation.

Gerwazy Adamczyk


Before replacing the heater with new one, I called a few manufacturers, but it was Lazar products that really appealed to me.

seweryn czerwiński


Actually it is the second boiler from this manufacturer. Before I had eco-peal coal fired boiler, and now I use Smart pellet fired boiler. They always provide professional customer service.

Izydor Dąbrowski


A reliable boiler that has been in operation for 3 years.

Kamil Chojnacki


My first Lazar branded boiler related to coal fired one. Not it is the high time to replace it with pellet fired boiler, and I hope that it will also be reliable.

miłomir jarząbek


My HKS Lazar branded boiler has been in operation for 12 years. Top quality and durability. Professional customer service. Highly recommended.

Piotr P.

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Modern heating devices


Propane R 290 as a refrigerant in heat pumps, and applicable legal regulations

Observing the heat pump industry in recent years, we can confidently say that more and more people are becoming convinced of this form of heating. This happens, inter alia, because we are eager to build houses of a small size, without cellars, and therefore also a place for a central heating boiler. and fuel for it.

Natural refrigerant R290 propane

Air source heat pumps are a solution that is increasingly used in various types of buildings. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the optimization of heating costs.



Is 190oC temperature of flue gas in Lazar branded pellet fired boiler allowed?

This temperature is possible, if the heat exchanger gets dirty and boiler has been in operation for few hours at total output (at low outdoor temperature). In this case clean the boiler and check...

Is room temperature sensor included in Eco max 800 t controller set?

Room temperature sensor is available upon separate order.



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